Sign up for a PayPal merchant account

  • Sign up for a PayPal merchant account if you don't already have one.

    This is a production account, for processing real world financial transactions. You will need to supply your email address, to which you will be sent an email to confirm. You will also need to supply information that personally identifies you or your business — depending on the country, this might include a credit or debit card number, tax number, registration number or other forms of identification.
  • Setup your PayPal Bank Account
    Follow the instructions Bank account set up and verification to get paid once you start bringing in orders.
    When you sell through PayPal, buyers pay into your PayPal account, and then transfer money to your Bank Account. Before you can get paid, you need to specify a bank account so that you'll be eligible for payouts. This setup can take a few days, so it's good to set it up early.
  • Set your preferances
    Go to the "Profile" tab and then choose: "Instant Payment Notification Preferences" or "Website Payment Preferences" and follow settings below.

Instant Payment Notification Preferences

We use the PayPal IPN service to automatically update your the status of your booking paymnets from "unconfirmed" to "confirmed". This allows you to easily see who has completed the checkout process and paid for their booking. For automatic payment notification from PayPal you must set the following in your PayPal admin.

  • Notification URL: http://[your-website-domain-name]/paypalipn.php
  • Message delivery: Enabled

Website Payment Preferences

  • Auto Return: On (Must be on for IPN)
  • Return URL: http://[your-website-domain-name]/?pm=PY
  • Payment Data Transfer: off
  • Encrypted Website Payments - Block Non-encrypted Website Payment: Off
  • PayPal Account Optional: On (this allows customers to pay by credit card without having a PayPal account)

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